Scenario of the movie The Godfather: Savoce is a quiet medieval village in southern Italy, Sicily

Church of the movie The Godfather

Those who watched the movie The Godfather got to know through the film the small town of Savoca, a medieval and quiet village in southern Italy in Sicily, where scenes from the movie were filmed. There is even a sculpture as a tribute to the film director Francis Ford Coppola.

Tribute to the director of the movie The Godfather

Savoca is located near the famous and touristy Sicilian city of Taormina, and this is one of the reasons why you should include it in your visit to Sicily. But unlike Taormina, Savoca offers a chance to take a deep breath and see what an authentic mountain village in Sicily is like. Savoca, a small village with less than 2000 inhabitants, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy (I Borghi più belli d’Italia), an association that includes small Italian towns of historical interest and rich cultural heritage.

A beautiful view of the road leading to Savoca, Sicily, Italy

Savoca is located on top of a cliff; the road to it is full of curves and very narrow, being an attraction in itself, increasing the anticipation to arrive soon and see where these little roads lead.

Well, as expected, the view when you arrive in the city is breathtaking. One of those where you just take a deep breath and contemplate nature in its true color.

View from town

Right at the entrance of the city, you will see the most photographed spot, Bar Vitelli, where the powerful godfather Michael proposes to the father of his first wife, Appolonia.

Bar Vitelli, The Godfather movie

Nearby is also the Church of San Nicolo, the location where Michael and Apollonia got married.

Church of San Nicolo, Savoca, where the wedding scene was filmed in the movie The Godfather

Regardless of the fame Savoca gained from the movie, it is more than just that. It is considered one of the most beautiful small towns in Italy, and it gives the impression of being frozen in time. Taking a walk through Savoca will confirm this.

Savoca, Sicily

When I look at the photos of my visit to Savoca, I still feel the same warmth and embrace that I experienced when I was there. Italy has a special closeness and hospitality that I think many of us descendants of Italian immigrants can relate to as if we are being welcomed with open arms.

Visiting these villages feels like stepping back in time. They are cherished memories that bring warmth to the heart.

How long does it take to visit Savoca?

Savoca is a small town that can be explored in just 1 hour. However, I recommend reserving half a day to fully appreciate the city at a relaxed pace. Take a leisurely walk through the streets, enjoy some delicious ice cream, capture memorable photos, and be captivated by the unique charms it has to offer.

Savoca is located 170 kilometers from Palermo and approximately 30 kilometers from Messina. I have included some photos here that showcase this stunning region of Italy.

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