Located in southern Italy, in Sicily, Taormina is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable cities I have ever visited.

When someone asks me about a city to visit, I don’t hesitate to say “Taormina“. It’s a place I would go 1000 times if possible. If you like mountains, terraces with sea views, picturesque alleys, flowered balconies, and good food, you should definitely put it on your list. The city is very small, with approximately 10,909 inhabitants, so you can easily explore it in one day.

1: Greek Theatre

Ancient Theater of Taormina

The Greek Theater of Taormina was built around the 3rd century, and to this day it hosts concerts by great artists. Can you imagine attending a concert in this place? The view from the theater is truly breathtaking, with mountains and the Mediterranean Sea surrounding it. Personally, it is one of the most beautiful views I have ever witnessed. We bought the ticket at the entrance ticket office and paid €10 to visit it, but if you are there on the first Sunday of the month, admission is free. The opening hours vary depending on the time of year, usually closing at 4 p.m. in winter and 7 p.m. in summer.

2: Views

First, Taormina is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and located on top of mountains. Can you imagine the view you will have?

3. Details

If you are one of those people who loves the details of the cities you visit, you will spend the day trying to observe everything. Taormina is rich in small details.

4. Alleys

Full of picturesque alleys, you will always find a cute detail along the streets of Taormina.

5. Food

Cannoli, a typical Sicilian dessert

Sicilian cuisine is full of flavor, and a typical Sicilian dessert is the cannoli, made of a crispy dough filled with sweet ricotta.

6: Balconies

As Taormina is located on top of a mountain, there are numerous wonderful balconies where you can stop and have a coffee while enjoying the view.

7: Flowers

Flowers on balconies and lemon trees on sidewalks are the perfect way to add more charm to the city. How can one not fall in love? ❤️

8: Traditional Italy

Taormina is located in the southern part of Italy, where authentic Italy is known. It is full of traditions and captivating, just as I had imagined Italy before visiting.

9: Shops and Crafts

Walking through the streets full of little shops and crafts

10: Piazza IX Aprile

Piazza IX Aprile

The main square of the city not only has a beautiful church but also a terrace with one of the most beautiful views of Sicily.

11: Eating at Piazza IX Aprile

Have a coffee or wine at Piazza IX Aprile while waiting for the sun to set.

12: Public Garden

A garden full of flowers with a beautiful view of the city and Mount Etna, when we arrived, had just closed; we could only see this part that is in the photo.

Taormina is a captivating combination of nature, the sea, picturesque streets, and great food. When you reach the central balcony of the city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, your thoughts will be the same as mine – When can I come back? 😊

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