Lake Blausse is one of the most famous lakes in Switzerland, known for its crystal-clear turquoise-blue color. Blausse is a romantic lake nestled among trees and stands out for the transparency of its water.

Lake Blausse is one of the most famous lakes in Switzerland

Surrounded by beautiful forests, Lake Blausse offers a stunning setting for nature enthusiasts and photographers. The reflections of the trees and mountains on the peaceful water surface create an awe-inspiring view. It is an ideal location to unwind, relax, and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty.

This tour is suitable for people of all ages.

When you research your trip to Switzerland, you will definitely find Lake Blausee. It is famous for its unique color and is widely shared online, making it one of the most popular and visited lakes in the country.

The lake at the end of the day is usually very empty, which is great for those who like to take photos without many people around.

The good news is that accessing the attraction is not expensive compared to many others in Switzerland, and it is also not difficult. From the parking lot, you can easily reach the lake with a short walk of less than 5 minutes. This stroll is suitable for people of all ages.

Turquoise and Crystalline Water

The Blausse Lake is very small, so we can go around it in just a few minutes.

Around 15,000 years ago, a landslide occurred in the Kander Valley, resulting in the formation of holes in the soil. Blausee, which is fed by underground waters from the Kander River, stands out with its unusually clear water that takes on a deep blue hue.


At the bottom of the lake, there is a statue that is easily visible. According to legend, many years ago, a girl was found dead in the lake. The legend states that the girl used to meet her lover at the lake, but even after his death, she continued to visit the place and shed tears every night. It is believed that the blue color of the lake is a result of her tears, which matched the color of her blue eyes.

When To Go?

If you want to avoid crowds, avoid the months of July and August. Another option is to visit the lake later in the day. Just don’t do what we did 🙈. We got distracted along the way while driving, stopped at various places, and almost forgot about the time. When we arrived, the sun was already behind the mountains, which definitely affected the color of the lake.

The lake looks beautiful in all seasons, with lush green nature in the spring and summer months, enchanting orange tones in autumn, and a snowy white wonderland in winter.

Where Is It Located?

The lake is located in the Bernese Oberland region, in Kandertal, between Kandersteg and Frutigen.

  • From Zurich: about 2 hours and 10 minutes
  • From Lucerne: about 2 hours
  • From Grindelwald: about 1 hour
  • From Bern: about 50 minutes
  • From Interlaken: about 40 minutes

Visiting Lake Blausse

Opening hours:

From mid-June to mid-September: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

From September to October, they close earlier at 5:00 pm

But it is always good to check the official website here to see Blausse’s entry times

The entrance fee must be paid at the souvenir shop located near the parking lot entrance.

Ticket price:

Monday to Friday: CHF 10.00

Saturday and Sunday: CHF 12.00

In winter, admission is free.

The ticket price includes a boat ride on the lake and parking as well.

How Long Does the Visit Take?

The lake is small and easily accessible, making it suitable for a half-day trip. However, the total duration of the trip may vary depending on your location and the travel time from your city to the lake.

During our visit, we were staying near Lucerne. We took the opportunity to make a stop at Lake Brienz before heading to Lake Blausee later in the day.

Restaurants and Picnic

There are two restaurants available at the lake: one at the entrance and the main restaurant with an outdoor dining area. The main restaurant is known for its organic trout delicacies, but it also offers a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes.

If you prefer to bring your own food, there is a small area equipped with barbecue grills where you can enjoy a picnic with a lovely view. Additionally, there is a playground area for children.

Blausse is considered one of the most beautiful and famous lakes in the country, making it a destination worth visiting. As mentioned before, easy access and reasonable prices are also advantages of this trip.

I hope you found this post helpful in planning your trip and that you enjoy your visit to Blausse!

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