Interlaken Switzerland: How to Experience Swiss Most Incredible Landscapes

Interlaken Switzerland: How to Experience Swiss Most Incredible Landscapes

Everything you need to know to explore the best of Interlaken in Switzerland on a one-day trip; this is one of the best regions to base yourself in on a trip to Switzerland.

Lindo lago azul Brienz na Suíça
View of Lake Brienz

A region with breathtaking landscapes, the Swiss Alps, mountains, lakes in unimaginable shades of blue, green valleys, and many surprises along the way, there are also many activities and sightseeing options here, so it should definitely be on the list of things to do in Switzerland.

You know that kind of landscape that looks like it’s straight out of a book or a movie, with fascinating scenery that doesn’t seem real? Well, you’re going to see a lot of it here.

Linda Vila e lago de Brienz na Suíça

View of Brienz Village

In this post, you’ll see what to do in 1 day in the Interlaken region, tips on incredible walks with cinematic landscapes, and, what’s even better, 1 day of free walks to balance out the costs of your trip. We know that climbing the mountains and some activities are very expensive in Switzerland, but this tour will help you balance out the costs. With lots of nature and crystal blue lakes, stopping off in two charming little villages, this will be our itinerary. Are you ready? Let’s go!

One-Day trip in Interlaken

Lake Lungern

Lake Brienz

– Giessbach Falls

– Iseltwald Villa

Lake Thun

– Extras

Lake Lungern

Lago Lungern em Interlaken na Suíça com vista para os alpes
Lake Lungern from the viewpoint

Our first surprise of the day was at a very famous lake that caught the eye, Lake Lungern. It is located before you reach Interlaken and can be seen on the way by car or train from Lucerne to Interlaken, which is how we passed it. There is a lookout point at the top of the Brünig Pass where people can stop and take a photo like the one above.

Lake Brienz

Vista do Lago Brienz na vila de Brienz na Suíça
View of Lake Brienz in the village of Brienz

From there, you head to the lake and village of Brienz, a 20-minute drive from Lake Lungern. The lake is striking from afar because of its pure turquoise-blue color. If you are struck by the beauty of a blue lake, you will immediately know that it is Lake Brienz.

Brienz Village

Vila de Brienz com vista para o lado de Brienz na Suíça

Take the opportunity to walk through Brienz Village, which is very small and full of beautiful views. A simple walk will leave you feeling refreshed.

Giessbach Waterfall

Vila de Brienz vista da subida para a cachoeira Giessbach
Brienz village from the climb to the Giessbach waterfall

Leaving the town of Brienz, you arrive at a fairytale place in 10 minutes: the Giessbach Waterfall. The path to it is cinematic; as you head towards the waterfall, the town of Brienz is left behind, framing a magical view as in the photo above

There is no charge for access, but take coins for the parking lot, which costs 5 Swiss francs. The parking meter only accepts 5 franc coins, so remember to change your coins before you get there. As soon as you park your car, you’ll be close to the waterfall and within a few minutes, you’ll hear the sound of the water.

Hotel Grand Giessbach Interlaken Suíça
Hotel Grand Giessbach in front of the waterfall

It faces the Hotel Grand Giessbach, a wonderful hotel that, in contrast to nature, makes the landscape even more magical.

Climbing to the top of the waterfall

The waterfall is not yet very famous for tourism, so it’s a place away from the crowds and very peaceful.

Linda cachoeira Giessbach em Brienz na Suíça

You walk along a footbridge and pass under the waterfall.

Lindo lago azul turquesa em Brienz na Suíça

As you climb to the top of the waterfall, the view of Lake Brienz becomes even more beautiful.

The whole tour is stunning, surrounded by the lake, the Alps and the mountains. I confess that this is a travel find, you know those places you go to without many expectations and it becomes one of your favorites. We spent a few hours exploring the waterfall and walking around it.

Landscape around the waterfall

It’s certainly one of the places I recommend the most and think is most worth visiting.

Iseltwald Villa

Vila Iseltwald em Interlaken na Suíça
Iseltwald Villa

Leaving the waterfall, in 15 minutes you’ll reach the beautiful village of Iseltwald, a small Swiss village with a bucolic landscape that will make you feel like you’re in a book. The walk here doesn’t take that long, just a short stop for a walk in a traditional village and perhaps a stop for a snack, here there are restaurants with beautiful views of the lake.

Lake Thun

View of Lake Thun

Another 40 minutes or so of driving will bring you to the little town of Thun, where you’ll find some nice surprises. The town is crossed by an emerald green river, with medieval buildings and scenic views. You can walk around the town center, have a coffee and explore this beautiful town.


If you’re staying in the Interlaken area, there are 3 more places in Thun that I recommend you visit. I think adding them to this one-day trip might be too much if you like to take your time, but if you have time or would like to explore more places nearby the next day, here are my tips: Spiez Castle, Beatus Caves, Hünegg Castle and its magnificent park – all three are very close by and well worth a visit.

Spiez Castle

Cavernas Beatus

Hünegg Castle and its park

How to get to Interlaken

Zurich Airport

Car: 1:45 h (140 km)

Basel Mulhouse Airport

Car: 1:55 h (155 km)

Geneva Airport

Car: 2:40 h (215 km)

When is the best time to visit Interlaken?

Interlaken is a beautiful region and one of the most visited in Switzerland. It’s well worth a visit in any season of the year, but I suggest spring and summer, between April and September, to enjoy the scenery and walks.

Summary of our trip

Time of our trip: April – Spring

The average price of meals: €25 euros

Average daily rate for accommodation: €120/150 euros for an Airbnb apartment for 2 people.

Favorite of the day

Visit to the Giessbach Waterfall

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helps you plan your trip.

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